The Golden Age of 90’s/00’s Trance

My father had varying taste in music when I was growing up. Some nights when we were on a drive he would play whatever new album he had while we were cruising through the fields and forests of Northern Virginia. 

When I say his tastes in music were varying, I mean it in the truest sense possible. Some nights he would play his Mambo #5 cd, other nights it would be Rick Astley’s greatest hits. The one album that stuck out to me however was an early 2000’s dance club compilation that I haven’t seen since.

This album sparked my love for all things Trance/EDM. Some of the songs on this album are classics that went mainstream in every homecoming/prom dance in the country such as “Sandstorm” by the Finnish DJ/Producer Darude, while others had melodies that rival mainstream Trance anthems of today. 

Recently I had one of these unknown songs stuck in my head from all those years ago. Playing over and over. So I finally broke down and did some research. 

Looking through the various album compilations throughout the years that had “Sandstorm” on it (there was a lot, hundreds), I finally came across an album that looked familiar.

“Future Trance Vol. 13” was what I have been searching for all these years. and after combing through the songs on the list I found the songs that have been stuck in my head on repeat. 

“Komodo” by Mauro Picotto is one of the songs that has plagued my mind (in a good way). It’s melody and song structure are still relevant today in the world of EDM as it was back in 2000. 

Another song that I couldn’t put the proverbial pause button on was “Infinity” by C.J. Stone. It’s catchy Koto sound reverberating through the decades. 

Songs like these are a clear influence for modern Trance/EDM due to their anthem like melody which could erupt stadiums and eject ecstasy straight into peoples mouths as if they were pop rocks. And now hopefully you will to be able to enjoy the greatness that was late 90’s/early 00’s EDM/Trance. 

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