Solitary Gourmet (TV series) Review

Solitary Gourmet (Kodoku No Gurume) is a Japanese TV series about our main character, Gorō Inogashira, played by Yutaka Matsushige, traveling across Japan to meet with clients and experiencing the foods in Japan from different regions. The series is based on the manga Kodoku No Gurume serialized on 月刊PANJA from 1994-1996. The series featuring the one and the only main character Gorō Inogashira. Gorō is in the business of selling unique imported merchandise, and he likes to meet his clients in-person to talk business. With his import business, he has the opportunity to travel across Japan and eat a lot of delicious food along the way. The series currently has 8 seasons already, and you can watch it on Netflix (if you live in Japan or Taiwan or just use a VPN).

Every episode follows the same format: Gorō meets with a new client -> Gorō gets hungery -> Gorō finds a restaurant -> Gorō eats. Every episode of the show features real restaurants or desert shops in Japan and Gorō will be dining there. Although some of the cooks and waiters of the restaurant in the show are replaced with actors and actress, all the food are 100% authentic. Throughout the show, you will see many different types of Japanese cuisine. You will understand how to order them, how to eat them, how they are made, and you will also have a better understanding of Japanese culture as a whole. 

Many Japanese cuisines are unique and only available in that specific region or restaurant. This show provides a unique opportunity for people outside of Japan to see some of the most authentic and delicious Japanese food that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve personally picked some of the most interesting ones, and I believe they are called “food porn”.

Peral Chicken Sashimi

Sichuan Dan Dan noodle (No soup)

Chankonabe (Sumo Hot pot)

Sanma Tartare and Sashimi

At the end of each episode, the illustrator of the original manga Kusumi Masayuki will go to the restaurant featured in that episode and tries their food. You will be able to see the actual owner, chief, and people of the restaurant. 

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