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Top 3 NIKE collaborations sneaker


NIKE OFF-WHITE X CONVERSE ($2,071.00 & up)

With the OFF-WHITE’s ionic red zip tag combined with the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star design, you just know the CHUCK 70 HI “OFF WHITE” is special. The most interesting part about this sneaker is that it features the idea of “ghosting” which means the whole sneaker is transparent and somewhat see-through. So, this sneaker can merge your shoe and socks together as one, therefore, creating something completely unique to you. And that is why I rank the CHUCK 70 HI “OFF WHITE” as number 3 on my list.  



NIKE AIR JORDAN X DIOR ($17,424.00 & up)

This collaboration between Air Jordan and Dior is definitely the most talked about and hyped sneakers in 2020. Unlike some of the other NIKE collaborations which feature flashy designs, this particular collaboration put emphasis on the details with the classic Dior Grey. Only 8000 pairs put on sale in its initial release and each pair is handmade made in Italy. From the tongue to the logo to the sole, the whole sneaker is packed with numerous details and screams sophistication. And that is why I rank the AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH “DIOR” as number 2 on my list.



NIKE AIR JORDAN X OFF-WHITE ($8,692.00 & up)

The Air Jordan 1 is what Michael Jordan wear on the court in the 1980s. Everyone knows what the red in Air Jordan 1 Chicago represents. This ionic color and sneaker have a special meaning for people in the basketball community and it kick-started the whole sneaker community. On top of the classic retro design and colorway, this sneaker also features the stitched extra-large swoosh sign and the classic red zip tag from OFF-WHITE, it adds an extra layer on the history and legacy of the Air Jordan 1. And that is why I rank THE 10: AIR JORDAN 1 “OFF-WHITE – CHICAGO” as number 1 on my list.

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