CD Projekt Hacked

On Monday it was announced that CD Projekt Red was hacked, today it is clear that it was their source code that was taken that may be sold off on the black market. This is yet another crushing blow for CD Projekt Red after months of low stock performance due to the controversies and poor quality control behind their newest Game Cyberpunk 2077. 


It is unclear what a black market buyer might do with the stolen source code, as it would still be considered CD Projekt Red’s intellectual property and would be un-usable for any type of commercial purpose. What some people don’t realize is CD Projekt Red’s code is likely not not necessarily unique compared to their competitors like Rockstar and Bethesda. CD Projekt Red’s strength is their ability to convert narrative works into a videogame format and use their world-building and narrative skills to fully realize other peoples content. 

Since their IP can’t be used in the western world without legal action being pursued, the only buyer that could profit from the stolen source code would probably be a Chinese firm that could use the source code to make an off-brand copy of CD projekt Red’s game to only sell within the walled-off chinese market where copyright and intellectual property seemingly doesn’t matter. This might not hurt CD Project Red financially as it is unlikely CD Projekt Red could have sold their games in China anyway due to China’s strict content censorship laws. 

While it is unfortunate CD Projekt Red has had their code stolen, hopefully they will learn from this experience and increase their security measures so it won’t happen in the future and hopefully there won’t be too much of a setback in their goal of continuing work on Cyberpunk 2077 and bringing their reputation back. 

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