One Million Dollars and a Jar of Peanut Butter

I like peanut butter. Or nut butter in general. I like variety of it on grocery shelves. You can get it smooth, organic, chunky or even whipped. An option for every occasion, taste or preference. Capitalism bliss. But how far is too far. I’m not talking about peanut butter, nut butter or the variety of it on grocery store shelves, I’m talking about capitalism. How far will money, want and materialism go before someone becomes greedy. Personally I could never see myself spending more than a million a year let alone even $80k. So why would I be upset if it my income capped at even $1 mill? How deluded can someone be to think that they “need” any more, where the reality is an average salary can provide most of what anyone would want with its expected caveats. Having more money can reduce or eliminate those caveats but that’s about it.

That’s a lot of peanut butter variety. Source,

 It’s easy to just not take that much more. But that mental block? Seems impossible to bypass properly and morally. Going any further would dive from the three individual pillars of greed into the waters that is, greed.

But I like nice things. I like my ultrawide monitor, my custom pc, my laptop, my phone and my Xbox. They’re all nice to have and use with sleek presentations, sounds and feelings of contentment they may stir. Though I could go by using a CRT monitor, a pre-built ACER from 2009, a pen and paper notebook, a rotary phone and an SNES. Would they be nice? Am I greedy for wanting new stuff when what I need has been readily available, owned and collecting dust for years? But say I was loaded, and I mean loaded like a Taco Bell Gordita or basic bar nachos with ingredients on the verge of expiry. I could have every high end and future tech, designer outfits, a nice ass 5000ft2  place and caviar for every meal of the day.

Woah what the fuck, I still have $200k to spare if I made a million this year.

It’s simple. A balance of both. Each person is entitled to what they want over their basic necessities before the realities of post-humanism consumes them. Well, what’s the global issue then? I really do mean global as there are people who don’t understand that that entitlement should be limited. The cap is high but there still is a cap.  What would a person do with multiple private properties? That real estate being taken up for people that may have it and artificially inflating the properties around making the entry barrier for lower income people to enter. Forcing them to increase their cap for what they’re entitled to since the bare minimum is already so close to the expected cap. Holy shit that is vicious. It’s like laying the foundation for the next piece of shit person to wreak more havoc upon innocents, or equally as bad for someone to repeat it out of personal necessity. This is just one example. What about the environment. Yes spreading the news, needs and importance of it is good. Nothing like role models to push ideals onto the people who believe in them. But it’s easier for one person to not use a private jet than having hundreds of people be fined for improperly recycling. But it’s also easier to put the blame on the hundreds, because you know, you got the money and power to do that.

Money and power. I guess the two are the same. One CEO can make more than the salary of their lowest paid employee in just 13 seconds of existing. Now that’s power. But what would you do with that. I wouldn’t want to make more than $30k every 13 seconds. It’s comparable to using an endless waterskin to the point where you would end up drowning in a desert. I suppose the option would be instead of funneling that water into yourself, you’d be able to distribute it. Maybe create an Oasis for others who die of dehydration instead. But that’s work, and your hard earned water by simply breathing for 13 seconds.

Money and the power to ruin lives? This sounds like monopoly. Source, GQ.

Now I’m not discouraging success. I think it’s important that every single being on this planet know that success is subjective. Designed to the end goals of the individual who envisions it. Making a million dollars annually is successful for someone who looks for materialism the same way pulling of a sick kickflip would be successful for someone learning to skate. The difference is how the success dream of making a million annually is idolized and romanticized as a way of wage-enslaving people.

WORK HARD AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. You’ll BE RICH. But not richer than me and if you try to do that I will shut you down and maybe kill you. I haven’t decided yet. Either way I walk scot-free. You know what you can avoid all of this if you ignore, dissolve and dematerialize any manifest of you owning comparable wealth. Yeah that’ll do it. Just work hard, hard for me. Tell your friends on linkedin how generous I am by allowing you to work weekends and firing you if you don’t. I hope you don’t plan to have a family too, any time not dedicated to my-er-I mean our success is time wasted. It’s not slavery cause you get paid! But 1/1000th of what I get paid. I’m the one bleeding for you.

It’s as if all these people who ignore the cap of their want limits, who change the limit they’re entitled to when they get remotely close are just gaslighting. Maybe it worked in an era where people weren’t allowed to think and didn’t have access to information. Maybe they thought god was still around and all these atrocities committed against innocent humankind were just a part of his plan. But as humans evolved from needing other-worldly figures to act as their citations for the rules, moral code and guidelines that they live and abide by, they learned to become cynical. That only ownership, materialism and money can stop these atrocities beyond gods power. But why put that effort? Besides someone else, the crowds will handle it. Enjoy yourself, you worked hard to become this successful. Above all you’re entitled to a life to enjoy, no matter how many people lose the right to live around you or maybe even because of you. You don’t have the time, or the money to think of that. Better charter that private jet for a relaxing cruise on your 7th yacht to clear your head.

Can somebody really be this “evil”? Or this deluded into thinking they’re “good”? Source, Screengeek.

There must be an explanation, something beyond the ambiguity of a concept, like how rich people are evil? Not all wealthy people are evil. But those who don’t understand the concept of it, or even worse do and manipulate not only themselves but the people around them to take advantage of it are the ones that are evil subjectively. Like a kid kicking and screaming at Walmart because their parent won’t buy them an action figure…

Wait, that’s it.

They’re children. They haven’t mentally developed empathy or the concept of scope. How their actions affect others, how they’re reliant on others to take care of them. Children. Either that or something inhuman. Pre-human perhaps. But the former explanation seems to make sense because nobody can be dim to the level of pre-humanity right? Not a single person can exist who is so disconnected from the people who starve and die to support them. At that point it’s a numbers game. That the larger spread of influence someone has, the less human those involved become. Less human and more akin to being just numbers. Only a very young child wouldn’t be able to grasp the negative connotations of that and brush off any notion of “bad thought” by enjoying themselves to whatever they can get their hands on. With little regard and care for others. With someone ready to clean up after them.

Tantrum captured at home depot. Source,

Fuckin hell that’s the life.

But man do I like peanut butter. I wouldn’t know much else beyond that.

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