Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review

Super Smash Bros have been one of the best and most successful games Nintendo has ever released. In 2018, they released the new one for the Switch console featuring all the characters that were featured in the older Super Smash Bros games. Plus, they added new ones such as Daisy, Ridley, Simon/Richter and Pirhana Plant. They also offered a DLC pack that featured 5 additional characters that customers can buy to expand their roster. And 1 year later, they added a DLC pack 2 that featured 6 additional characters that 3 have been already released, and waiting on the next 3.

They also added this new game mode, Adventure Mode. Where you fight CPU’s using spirits you collected throughout the game mode and try to save the characters that have been imprisoned by the God of Light. They also added a new Arena Mode for online play where you can invite your friends and play 1v1s, free for all or 2v2s. 

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The only issue is online play. Which has been a problem for Nintendo since Wii. They never had stable online gameplay without lags. You will experience lags here and there when playing online, especially with randoms around the world. If you play Arenas with friends that are in the same area, or country, it should perform better. 

Overall, I have been really enjoying the game playing with friends and family, I was really happy that Sakurai added all the characters that were featured in the older super smash bros games and added new ones. I really hope the last 3 characters that are going to be released soon are relevant and will add hype to the game. I’m still sad that Sakurai will no longer be Director of Super smash bros after this one.

I still don’t know how he can play with 2 controllers to showcase a character’s kit while controlling the other one… THIS MAN IS A GOD 

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