Without Warning Review

On October 31, 2017, an album that surprised everyone. No one saw it coming at all. Dropped on Halloween with its spooky and dark beats produced by Metro Boomin, arguably the best producer in the rap scene.  21 Savage delivered a fantastic album featuring Offset, Quavo and Travis Scott. 

The album consists of 10 songs and is 33 minutes long. It’s short and sweet, which is perfect. I would rather have that than having a long album with a lot of not good songs. The album starts with a banger right of the bat and ends with a banger with the darkest beat I ever heard. There were also nice transitions between songs, which shows the importance of listening to albums from the first song to the last in order. Offset was featured on all of the songs and was on 2 songs by himself. 21 Savage and Offset had amazing chemistry on this album, proving they are a deadly duo when rapping on spooky/dark beats. 

I still listen to this album to this day, even though it’s 3 years old, and I never got bored of it. 21 Savage delivered a GOD TIER album with crazy replay value and made Halloween a night that his fans will never forget. 

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