Wonder Woman 1984 – Review
Wonder Woman 1984 sets in time almost 70 years after the first movie. Diana Prince (played by Gal Godot) spends her daytime...

Wonder Woman 1984 – Review

Wonder Woman 1984 sets in time almost 70 years after the first movie. Diana Prince (played by Gal Godot) spends her daytime working in a museum and one day encounters an ancient artifact called “Dreamstone” that grants wishes and the artifact were later stolen by businessman Maxwell Lord. In her journey to take back the “Dreamstone” from Maxwell Lord, she meets her dead boyfriend’s sprite on a stranger’s body and has to face a new threat Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 is released on December 25th, 2020. It is also the first superhero blockbuster movie ever to be released both in theater and streaming service at the same time. With Wonder Woman 1984’s final runtime set at 151 minutes, audiences are expecting a certain level of action, but it was simply not there. The audience expects to see Wonder Woman as a skilled warrior in the second installment, but most of Wonder Woman’s power is taken away in a large portion of the movie.

                                                  Wonder Woman in WW1984. ©2020 Warner Bros.

If there is one person to blame, it is the director Patty Jenkins. According to IGN, Director Patty Jenkins reveals in an interview that the big fight with Ares in the first Wonder Woman film was added at the last minutes by the Warner Bros. studio, she did not care for it and she was not happy about the change. This time with Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins demanded complete creative control. Two biggest change director Patty Jenkins made was partway with screenwriter Allan Heinberg who actually wrote Wonder Woman comics and Zack Snyder’s stunt & VFX team in the first Wonder Woman movie. Instead, she hired Geoff Johns who has never written Wonder Woman comics to make sure Wonder Woman 1984 would-be comic book accurate.

Well, those clearly were not good decisions. This time with no studio interference, Patty Jenkins delivers Wonder Woman 1984 with a predictable storyline and distinct lack of actions. Compared to the first movie, Wonder Woman 1984 focuses more on the character developments of the two new characters Barbara Minerva and Maxwell Lord rather than Wonder Woman herself and doubles down on the romance between Diana and Steve Trevor.

                                            Patty Jenkins and Gal Godot while filming WW1984. ©2020 Warner Bros.

According to the audience scores, they do not care for it too much. While trying to subvert expectations, Patty Jenkins failed to listen to the fan community. Many audiences are expecting a certain amount of action, fighting sequences, and maybe some small twists. However, they do not like to be completely surprised by something too different. Hopefully, when it comes to Wonder Woman 3, we will see Wonder Woman in her full power.


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