teamLab Borderless: A new frontier of digital art

Located in Tokyo along the waterfront, teamLab Borderless is a must see experience if you travel to Japan. This digital art museum has over 50 exhibits spread out over numerous rooms and levels. What makes it so cool though is that most of the art is interactive and extremely Instagram-able. 

Each room has a different theme, from walking through lily pads to being surrounded by waves. The art is mostly composed of projections or holograms covering different surfaces around you, each area having a different serene soundtrack to accompany it that all seamlessly melds together to one unified experience. 

If you want to take a break from walking around the attraction there is a special tea room located in the more interactive part of the museum. What’s special about it is that depending on your tea of choice a different graphic is projected onto it, a graphic that is fully interactive along with the rest of the museum. 

teamLab Borderless is a glimpse of what the future of art can be in our increasingly digital world. While the concepts are simple, the amount of thought and ingenuity that goes into each attraction is breathtaking. 

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