Super Potato: A retro paradise

Walking through the backstreets of Akihabara, right off the main road you’ll find a store like no other. Super Potato is a retro gamers dream. It has it all, Super Nintendo, Famicom, Playstation, even an Arcade on the top floor. If you want to buy an old game or even related accessories, it’s likely you’ll find it here. 

While there are many gaming stores in Akihabara, a lot of them are fancy facades that just contain levels upon levels of claw machines. Those can be fun too, not going to lie, but Super Potato brings out the nostalgia one is looking for when they venture to the electric town. 

The aisles are lined with old tube tv’s from the 90’s playing both classic childhood games as wlel as japanese games some have never seen before. in one corner of the store you can play starfox on the Virtual Boy while in the other corner play multiplayer Mario on the NES. 

It is a used game store however, which is expected due to the nature of retro game systems. The prices are determined by the condition of the item being sold. There is a wall of original Famicoms with different price points based on the yellowing of the systems or how many original accessories come with it. The main selling point though is, original Japanese systems can play original Japanese games un-modded which is fantastic if you’re looking for that one Contra game that never exported outside of Japan. 

The top floor is the arcade with open windows since smoking is allowed. Truly a unique experience that harkens back to the smoggy arcades of the past. You won’t find Dance Dance Revolution here, only retro side-scrolling fighting/shooting games. You also can enjoy this arcade with a drink and snack thanks to the small concession area beside the machines. 

Super Potato is a link to the past which shouldn’t be overlooked the next time you make it to Tokyo in your travels. 

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