Mini Metro – Review

Mini Metro is a mobile game that can be bought on the App Store for around $5.00. I have been trying to find good games in the App Store that do not have in-app purchases or ads, but this of course means that they usually cost something.

Mini metro is a puzzle game where the goal is to link a cities metro system together by building lines or adding trains. The shapes of the stations correspond to where certain passengers need to go and each trains capacity is limited, so if a train is full it doesn’t pick up an passengers until it’s dropped off enough to take new passengers on.

As you reach certain milestones such as the amount of time that passes or how many passengers you successfully deliver, you gain the ability to place a new line or add new trains that can make passenger transportation more efficient. But as time goes by more and more stations get added to the map which adds to the load of the entire system.

Eventually when the load on the system is too much one or more stations will overflow with waiting passengers and you’ll lose. Your score is based on how many passenger successfully got to their destination.

If you meet each maps milestone more cities will be available to build your metro in. Each city has it’s own corresponding river system to navigate and some even have special trains that you can use.

For $5.00, Mini Metro is a great value for a casual puzzle game that should keep you occupied during your commute on a full sized metro. It’s also nice that some mobile games you can still pay a low price for to get an ad-free experience.

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