Doom Eternal – Review

Doom Eternal is finally out and it lives up to every expectation anybody could ask for. If you enjoyed the fast paced action and quake-style arena combat that DOOM 2016 brought us, than this game doubles down on the formula adding various environments and more traversal options.

Hell on Earth.

The game starts off on Earth as hell is opening up all over the world. Then it takes you to various worlds/dimensions in order to fulfill your quest of stopping the demonic hoards in their tracks. Each level has its own theme, from the snowy Cultist Base, the greenery of Exultia, and the tech laden Arc Complex. Gone are the dreary red themes of Mars and Hell itself. This is excellent as it keeps the player moving forward to see what the next level will bring when it comes to atmosphere and challenges.

Varying level design helps keep every level fresh.

Speaking of challenges, not only is there the best arena combat available today in the game, but there is also excellent first person parkour. In order to progress through each level (or find the many secrets throughout the game), the player has to navigate wild jumps and precarious climbs. What helps is the fact that you start with the double jump ability, which gives you great movement at the start. Soon enough you will also get a sprint ability allowing you to traverse complicated arenas and dodge enemy fire with ease.

Cyber-Mancubus, one of the more advanced enemies.

There are 10 weapons in the game, including classics such as the double barreled shotgun and new weapons not seen before such as a sword. Each weapon has multiple firing modes that can be unlocked as you progress through the game. The enemies require more strategy to kill quickly this time around, some requiring certain firing modes in order to get critical hits. This allows the player to experiment with different weapons types to get the most out of their arsenal.

The graphics are really good as is expected in a 2020 release. The may not blow everyone away, I would say a game like Shadows of the Tomb Raider looks slightly better. However, the game makes up for it in the speed of play. Doom Eternal can run on almost any reasonable system flawlessly without any hint of frame rate issues.

Cyber-Demon. Returning to its classic style.

Multiplayer is lack-luster as of release. There is one mode called “Battlemode”. In Battlemode, one player is the Doomslayer while two other players are monsters. As a monster, you can summon other AI controlled bots to help you defeat the doom slayer, you also have other abilities to buff your small army and you can fire upon the Doomslayer yourself. This gamemode is fun, however it would have been nice if there was an Arena deathmatch mode as well. Doom Eternal already has multiple huge arenas in the campaign that could be used to facilitate this. Doom Eternal is the best Arena combat game in years, it would be nice to bring back the classic multiplayer aspect of the genre.

Rip and Tear.

I would highly recommend Doom Eternal if you enjoyed DOOM 2016 and if you like FPS’s in general. Its 13 hour campaign has a lot of replay value if you intend on unlocking/finding all the collectible and will run perfectly on any machine you throw at it (within reason).

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