No Man’s Sky – Review

No Man’s Sky started off in 2016 as a game that did not deliver the promises Hello Games offered. It lacked a clear quest-line, player interaction, and tangible quests. Basically it wasn’t a game, it was merely a tech demo. However in 2019, No Man’s Sky surpasses all expectations.

The moment I logged on and started playing I could not stop. It is addicting. There is always something to achieve, some new attainable goal that you can see yourself accomplishing in the near future. From fixing up your first small ship in order to explore your system, to building a base in order to stay safe on an unexplored world, and eventually commanding your own fleet of huge starships. Every milestone is so close yet so far away.

A base next to one of the star gates in the game.

Gathering resources in the game consists of scanning the local environment to find what is around you and then harvesting those resources with your mining laser. Some resources need a different tool in order to gather them. The one thing you have to worry about when gathering resources is your inventory. At first your inventory is very small, but luckily you can upgrade it.

Theres an infinite variation of ships you can acquire.

Actually, upgrades are what make No Man’s Sky so cool. Unlike games such as Minecraft, you can upgrade your inventory slots as well as every other aspect of the game. The “multitool” as they call it (basically your gun/mining laser) can have a ridiculous amount of upgrades, some of which can detonate the earth to make terraforming faster, others turn your multitool into a machine gun.

These upgrades can be applied to your ship as well. When you first start out you can only warp to nearby systems, eventually you can warp half-way across the galaxy it seems. There are many other upgrades you can place on your ship as well, like weapons and shields.

View in the Nexus.

The one issue with No Man’s Sky that is still present is the lack of things to do on a planet other than make a base and explore. There may be only 5 to 10 different types of structures on planets, so after exploring awhile they lose their excitement fast.

No Man’s Sky has come a long way and is now a truly amazing game. The co-op can still be buggy, there are times that glitches can occur if you are using facilities in a friends base, however these relatively rare occurrences can be overlooked considering how expansive and ambitious the game is.

The Good, the Bad, and the Hunh?

➕ Awesome customization options
➕ Base building is functional and useful
➖ Terrain comes back after alteration
➖ Planets are not diverse enough
❓ Flight controls aren’t fluid
❓ Sentries are annoying
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